Some Cool Links!

Here are some links that includes things for your website, or just for fun and games!


W3Schools -A school for web developers, covering all the aspects of web development such as HTML and Java.

Glitter Graphics -A website that includes stickers, blinkees, sparkles, glitter text and more.

Anlucas Buttons -Netscape style buttons for your Neocities or for your website!

Lunapic -A classic image-editor thatt features tons of filters and animations.

GifCities -A website that includes GIFs from various Geocities websites.

Cursors 4 U -A website where you can find cursors to use on your site!

PicMix -A great alternative to Blingee that doesn't require Flash Player.

For Fun and Games

My 90s TV -A website that clips from 90s cartoons, films, music videos and more, presented in a 90s CRT television.

Cameron's World -This is a website dedicated to Geocities, this includes a web-collage of text and images from archived GeoCities pages.

Windows 93 -A virtual desktop that runs on the web that's reminiscent to Windows 95!

DOSGames -A website that includes DOS Games that you could play and download.

WebAmp -Winamp, but on the web!