About Me!


So..... what's Angel Visions?

My project, Angel Visions, was created as a way for me to show my interests and hobbies, which include coding, music production, illustration, photography, and editing. I was greatly influenced by the music of various bands and artists, such as The Future Sound of London, Orbital, Aphex Twin, SOPHIE, Bjork, and Kate Bush. By the name of burningheartsinc, I created vaporwave in the early years of 2022; don't worry; burningheartsinc is still active. I recently made the decision to leave my vaporwave roots behind and create music that is influenced by other genres, including IDM, experimental electronic, dream-pop, art-pop, and shoegaze.

And..... who are you?

Bren here! The person who built this website. I changed the name of this website from "burningheartsinc" to "The Hellcrystal Website" before deciding to stick with "Angel Visions. I've been drawing for at least two years, but I've only been making music for at least one year. You might now be wondering, "Why only 1 year?" I didn't really consider making music back then, but after discovering the hyperpop genre on Spotify and Soundcloud and seeing musicians my own age inspired me to do so, I started to do so. I then made the decision to explore other genres, including vaporwave and many others. And for art, i used to be a traditional artist. I mainly used watercolor, acrylic, and gouache, and then decided to settle on digital art.

What tools and software do you use?

I either use Krita or Adobe Photoshop 2020 to create my illustrations. I use an M-VAVE SMK25 midi keyboard and FL Studio 21 to create music in the meanwhile. And for my sounds, I occasionally select on a variety of soundbanks from old video games and synths, including Mother 2 and Earthbound as well as Roland's SC-55 and Emulator II. I also use tons of plugins inspired by vintage synths such as OB-Xd (An emulation of the Oberheim OB-X), Dexed (An emulation of Yamaha DX7) and PG-8X (An emulation of Roland's JX8P). There are a lot more plugins i could list but these were the only ones that i could put here! (Don't worry, the plugins are free!)

Do you have any projects you're working on?

I am curently working on a few projects! Angel Visions (the site your currently in!), Infinite Memory, and The Hellcrystal Archives.


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